Sweet Dreams – SPOILERS

If you are reading this page, you have agreed to know the secrets and spooky elements of Sweet Dreams. 

Sweet Dreams takes place in your Five Year Old Niece’s bedroom.  This room deals with her fears and nightmares in a fully upside down environment.  Everything is on the ceiling and may be out of reach for players under four feet.  The room is dimly lit and has “creepy” dreamlike music playing throughout the experience.  Elements in the room are a “monster” under the bed, a large Halloween style spider under the bed,  and a headless ghost in a closet.  Additionally there are creepy pictures of a clown, nightmare horse, scary wolf, and freaky flower.  There is also “child” in the upside down bed.

After solving a series of four placement puzzles, there is a toy chest in the corner of the room.  By placing the last object, the trunk lid pops open and causes a large “jump scare” as the trunk lid falls open (upside down, so gravity drops the lid) and players could be “showered” with stuffed animals.

At one point players will activate a prop that causes a tapping sequence to occur.  Players will match the tapping to a knock puzzle that will cause the lights to go off (total darkness) for 3 seconds.  After 3 seconds goes by, the room is re-illuminated in black light.  The players are then required to solve the rest of the room in the dark/black light.  We do have a handheld flashlight in the room for those that need better lighting.

When the lights turn off and the black light turns on, the closet door opens automatically and inside the closet is a headless ghost hanging in the closet. Players must retrieve a box being held by the ghost and must get within arms reach of the ghost to get the item.

Players are also required to go into the closet to interact with another puzzle element.  While the closet itself isn’t scary, it is small.  The width of the closet it about a shoulder width wide, so it is somewhat of a tight space to work in.  

Once a near end game puzzle is solved, the lights return to normal and players must replace the scary pictures around the room with their “happy” versions of the pictures and are presented with the exit code to the room.